Posting in G-land

ImageGoogle Plus is a network with increased importance for producing dividends in Empire Avenue according to Dups.  That is a bit of an issue because we really just don’t know much about how Empire Avenue evaluates this network.  I will tell you the stuff we know, debunk a myth or two, tell you a few things we just don’t know, and the speculate wildly!


The really BIG fact that you must keep in mind is that Empire Avenue will only evaluate Public posts.  They say it is an issue of the Google API.  If you do not share your posts to Public, you might as well not post for your EA score.  That also is true for posts where you engage.  G+ will default to share to the same Circles as the last time you shared, so check that you are sharing to Public (I notice a loss of an ‘L’ in that word changes everything…)…  Not sharing to Public is the biggest issue causing folks to have rotten G+ network scores.

Probably need to restate that with G+ like every network, the Size of your network, the quantity of your activity, and your engagement are the things that are scored.   I have heard that EA scores only original posts.  That is not accurate.  Content shared and original content seemed to be scored similarly by EA.

One of the big mysteries of EA scoring is how EA treats scoring pages that you own beside your personal profile.  Seems like just your personal profile is scored, but the jury is still out on that one.  I have seen the question posted a couple of times without answers from EA’s management.  I know a couple of folks working on testing this, but the answers will take a few more days.

I think connecting your Google Plus network to EA will become critical.  Much is happening with the growth of this network, and Google’s ability to create ancillary benefits.  That related impact may become the most important.  I even see my silly G+ stuff showing up in Google search results.

Post beautifully and often to Public in G+ land for great scores and big dividends!



10 thoughts on “Posting in G-land

  1. Reblogged this on Greatpoetrymhf's Weblog and commented:
    Post beautifully and often to Public in G+ land for great scores and big dividends – Harold Gardner shared with #granniegram

  2. dirkhyka says:

    Thanks you for the great Info…I am learning more day by day

  3. bellybuster says:

    So by grouping all my EA friends in one circle and keeping our comments in it, I have shot myself in the foot??? EEGADSSSS!!!!!!!

  4. Jason Wagner says:

    I had no idea, well, I had no idea about some of the things you brought up. I feel much more informed on the proper usage of G Plus now! Definitely sharing this!

  5. I have a hard enough time getting myself into G+ for myself, let alone worry about it for EA score. LOL My G+ score on EA is a whopping 1 point!!

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