Face the Music

ImageWith the new algorithm change to calculating dividends, I thought perhaps I should make a quick run through the Social Media Networks that you can attach to Empire Avenue. With every network, EA evaluates three aspects to get your score: 1-your reach (the number of folks in your network), 2-your activity (how many posts you make), and 3-your response or engagement (how many likes, comments and shares you get). I will start; since we are here, with Facebook.

The number of friends that you have makes a difference. More is better. Be careful about sending out a ton of random friend requests. It only takes a few folks declining your invitation for you to end up in Facebook jail. It is unclear to me how FB followers are counted by EA. 

Empire Avenue only evaluates wall posts; so activity in groups like this one does not improve your EA Facebook Network Score. A few weeks ago the more posts that you made the better for your EA score. I saw EA’ers posting hundreds of times a day on Facebook to improve their FB score. Today EA reduces the “reward for very high frequency of posting” according to Dups. My FB score is in the 83 with 3 to 6 posts a day.

The critical part of EA’s evaluation in determining your FB score is response. The idea is to reward high quality content by examining how many likes, comments and shares your posts receive. Likes are good; comments and shares are better.  

Remember that Social Media is a reciprocal game; so don’t for get to like & comment on your friends’ posts.  That will help your score a bit, but mainly it will encourage them to interact with your posts.

Post regularly, don’t overdo it.  Post great content that will encourage your friends to engage.  That what will cause your dividends to rise; otherwise you will have to face the music from falling dividends.


2 thoughts on “Face the Music

  1. djdaniel150 says:

    Some great info here Harold, thanks for sharing with us.

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