Press Your Luck

ImageIf you want to succeed on Empire Avenue, you need a WordPress account; preferably also a blog. Although EA has discontinued scoring other blogs for now, WordPress blogs hosted by only, count as an important EA Network. Not all networks have the same impact when it comes to producing dividends for your investors. WordPress is quite strong even after the recent updates. 

Two reasons that you need an account.

First there are many WP missions. You must have an account to do those missions; so without a free & easy to create WP account, you lose opportunities to bank some big mission eaves.

Second you can build a reasonable WP network score with little time. EA does not seem to distinguish between original posts and reblogs. That means that you can reblog a few posts daily in just a few minutes. Most bloggers actually appreciate your reblogging because that extends their network reach. Get a few of your friends to like and comment on your blog in exchange for you giving them a few back. Suddenly you have a strong WP network score and a div jump that will make you smile!  Don’t press your luck!  Create a WordPress account and attach it to your EA account.

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8 thoughts on “Press Your Luck

  1. Robert says:

    Great suggestion! Do you have any tips for having your missions stand out and get completed?

    • It is a tough world figuring out how to get them completed. The primary factor that I have found is one that is impossible to control. It is how long you stay on the first page of the mission list. Posting in the FB and G+ groups seems to help a bunch. I also have some folks who do my missions and I do theirs; so that reciprocal thing works well.

  2. Great tips here about WordPress! I can confidently say that 75% of the div I produce in EA is through my WordPress activity. I’m not really active in other social networking sites and my activity in WP is keeping me go in EA.

    • Great! WP is a powerful network for producing dividends. It seems to have kept that power through the current updates. I have been pleased at the impact of these small posts.

  3. xutspa says:

    Thanks for this article, I have been on EA for over a year and this article has filled in a few blanks. I do find it hard to push my share price up and sometimes it drops and I can’t figure it out. Your blog has some great tips and I have followed so I can keep up to date with your tips! Thanks Harold.

  4. Thanks and good luck on your journey down Empire Avenue. Let me know if I can help.

  5. Adrian says:

    Thanks Harold. More good advice.

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