More Port Please

port-wineWhen you begin on Empire Avenue, there are some limits on your account. Usually you don’t pay much attention; until you run into them.

I posted about Pie upgrades a few days ago, but probably need to discuss the other really big painful expense that awaits you. Portfolio upgrades can be a challenge.

Your account begins with the ability to invest in up to 1,000 profiles. If you want to own more profiles (and you do); then you must purchase a portfolio upgrade. All upgrades can be purchased in the Empire Avenue Shop found by clicking the button toward the top right of most EA pages.

The pricing on portfolio upgrades is a bit confusing. You can buy with eaves or with cash. The cash price is $25 USD; until you get into the stratosphere. The eaves price changes according to your net wealth. My first portfolio upgrade cost 200,000 eaves. The Portfolio 13 upgrade that I am facing now costs about 13M eaves…yes that is thirteen million eaves to allow me to purchase 5,000 profiles. You have to be close to your portfolio limit before you can buy the next one.

The first Portfolio upgrades will allow you to buy 250 more profiles. You will know it is time, even if you are not paying attention, when you get the error that says you can’t purchase this stock because you have reach your portfolio limit.

There is always a great debate about if you should invest first in Pie upgrades or first in Portfolio upgrades. If you have invested in high dividend producing profiles, then you can grow your dividend income faster with Pie upgrades. If you invest in many profiles, you are more likely to get buy backs that can increase your share price. Buying the Portfolio upgrade while you are poor makes them cheaper, but you are poorer. I started with a few Pie upgrades then alternated between Pie & Port upgrades.

I often hear experienced players tell newer players to focus on Pie upgrades. That does make it easier for you to increase your investment them, but sometimes that might not be the best strategy for you.

I have paid for all my upgrades in eaves so far. If I had it to do over again, I would probably use cash for Portfolio upgrades.  Better for the business of Empire Avenue and easier on me.  Either way; just say:  More Port Please!

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