A Little Help

Image Empire Avenue takes time

A couple of folks have noticed that Empire Avenue is time consuming. I hadn’t noticed; since I try to keep my involvement down to less than 25 hours a day or so… There are some tools, ideas, and strategies that can help a bit.

Third Party Portfolio Management Tools: When your portfolio is small, you can handle your investing with EA; but as your investments grow, you will need help. I suggest that you check out the tools now; while your portfolio is small. The tools include Avenue.io, insideEAv, and Empire Avenue Tips. There are also a couple of Apple Store apps (EavMogul is one) also. Please comment if you know about those. These tools can automate your buying, selling, and discovery of stocks.

1. Ben Arledge does Avenue.io. It is probably the easiest tool for most folks. There is a charge for some features of the system.  http://avenue.io 
2. Dennis Dittrich does insideEav. This is the tool I use primarily. Very powerful for slicing & dicing your portfolio, but you seem to need a bit of a tech background to make best use. The system is free; although he accepts contributions gratefully. https://dr-dittrich.de/eav/eav.pl
3. Paul Houston does Empire Avenue Eav Tips.  I have struggled a bit getting this one to work.  http://empireavenuetips.com/

Social Media Automation: Most of you are familiar with these tools that allow you to post content to multiple platforms at once. I suggest that you move carefully with them. Although they can certainly boost your EA score, they can cost you real engagement and contacts.

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2 thoughts on “A Little Help

  1. Thanks for the tools. I’m going to check into a couple of these and see how they work. 🙂

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