Wrong Turns

ImageI was told when I started EA that dividends were calculated by evaluating your top five network scores over the past 7 days. Today I know that neither of those is true.

A few weeks ago Dups explained that ALL your attached social media networks contribute to calculating the dividend that you pay to your shareholders. I had suspected that for the past few months. Only the top five networks contribute to the social media activity adjustment of your share price during user close.  This information as been updated in the EA FAQ document onsite.

A few minutes ago Dups said that your social media activity over the past 30 days is examined to determine your network score and your dividend. This seems to be weighted by about thirds with the first week having big impact, the second somewhat less, and the third week having limited impact.

Seems like every time I KNOW something it turns out I was wrong.

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4 thoughts on “Wrong Turns

  1. Didn’t know this. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Mike Ramirez says:

    Well, that’s good to know. I was still thinking it was just the top 5. So…I guess the question is, if you don’t do much on the networks you have connected outside of the top 5 is it better to not have them connected? Or does any activity provide positively even if your Flikr account for instance get’s very little use?

    • It appears to be better to have them connected. I think the other advantage is when you do missions. If you don’t have your Flikr account connected and do a Flikr mission, there is a tendency to suspect that you are stealing the mission.

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