Primordial Ooze

Why areChristopher Adams Natural Selection you here?

One of the most important things to figure out when you begin Empire Avenue is to set your goals. They don’t have to be set forever. They will likely change. You may have a few or even many, but creating a strategy for success is really tough if you don’t why you are here.

Are you trying to win friends and influence people? Are you trying to learn about Social Media? Do you have a business that you are trying to promote? Are you here just for the game and to have fun?

Do you want to raise your Share Price? Do you want more Net Wealth? Would you like your daily income to be higher? Is conquering the leader board your goal?

Do you have a plan for world domination and are starting on this Avenue to try out your master plan?

You can do any or all of these things (well I’m not certain about that world domination thing, but otherwise…) on Empire Avenue, but probably not all at once. With Empire Avenue, you have to budget your time and your eaves. Your goals can help you decide how and where to spend. That will help you to get to your goals much faster; otherwise you might get stuck in the ooze.

Good luck & remember to have fun!


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