Kindergarten Marketing

ImageI know that most of you have unlimited resources of time, energy, and money; so this tip does not apply to you. In case any of you have limits on the resources that you can spend on Empire Avenue, consider this.

Make your brand consistent across your networks. 

Avatar: Use the same avatar across your networks. Make it easy for folks to see, recognize, and remember you where ever they happen to see your smiling face. If all your avatars are different, then you will need to teach these are all me. That will take time, money, effort that could be better spent.

Name: Use the same or similar names across your networks. Perhaps I see a helpful post on Facebook, and think a nice investment would be a good reward for you. If I can’t figure out your EA ticker, you won’t get that investment. Make it easy for me to find you…not tricky.

Presence: Have a similar message across your networks. If you tweet family values and promote porn on G+, I am going to trust you less. I will be gun shy about your missions and wonder what you really stand for. Helping investors to understand will require time, money, and energy…since you are still reading, I guess those are in short supply.

When you do missions, use the same accounts that you have attached to Empire Avenue. Don’t tweet with an account that you just made up; so you can tweet crummy EA stuff. Don’t FB like from an account that has no friends. Use your real accounts. That is why folks pay for missions. It is bad for your reputation. It is worse for your game because mission creators will think you are stealing or at least scamming. They will rate you negatively. That will hurt your divs and your ability to do missions.

Be consistent, be transparent, be nice, and do the right thing. Just use the lessons you learned in kindergarten about acting right, sharing and playing nicely.

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2 thoughts on “Kindergarten Marketing

  1. Very good points Harold – Especially like the one about using the same avatars… I will have to find a favorite 🙂

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