Be Sweet!

ImagePie, Dessert, & More Dessert

As you start investing, you probably noticed that you can only purchase 200 shares in a profile. When your Fresh Face status expires, you might notice that some investors have purchased 1,600 of your shares. You might even be so blessed that someone purchased 1,700 or even 1,800 of your shares. You might wonder how they could do that. It is time to introduce you to the mysteries of the EA shop and upgrades.

EA calls the limit on the number of shares you can own Pie. A year ago there were 8 Pie upgrades available; so the maximum number of shares you could buy was 800. Today there are 16 Pie upgrades; so you can purchase up to 1,600 shares. You must purchase your Pie upgrades in the EA shop. You can find the shop toward the top right of most EA screens.

You can purchase your Pie upgrades with cash or with eaves. There is a set schedule of prices. Pie #1 allows you to buy 250 shares of all your stocks. Pie #2 gets to 300. The prices go up the higher the Pie upgrade. If you are going to play for long, you have to invest in Pie upgrades because it is the way you increase your daily dividend income.

Dessert is another option to increase the number of shares that you can buy of a profile. If you spend Dessert on a stock, you can buy 100 over your Pie limit. Dessert is then attached to that stock; so when you upgrade your Pie, you can still buy 100 over your limit. You can buy Dessert with cash or eaves, but the pricing is tricky. The eaves price for Dessert is calculated by your net wealth; so it is fairly cheap for you now…but be CAREFUL! Dessert must be used immediately. Dessert attaches to a profile; so if the player you used Dessert on quits, your Dessert is gone forever. Dessert is cheaper for new players; so many use it to avoid the cost of Pie upgrades. This is a mistake.

More Dessert is another option for adding to the number of shares that you can buy of a stock. Everything I explained about Dessert applies to More Dessert; except that you must spend cash to buy More Dessert. If you used Dessert and More Dessert, you can go 200 over your share limit in a profile.

General advice around all this. Plan and buy your Pie. It is more expensive but better for your account than Dessert. I have not bought More Dessert. I own 4,500 accounts. I probably have Dessert spent on 100 accounts.

Be sweet out there!

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8 thoughts on “Be Sweet!

  1. I’m surprised you only have used dessert on ~100 accounts. I would have though a high roller like you would have bought it on almost everyone 🙂

    • My account is just a year old. While I was building the account, I didn’t have the extra eaves. Now that the account is wealthy, Dessert is ridiculously expensive. After things settle down from Pie 16 and the market adjustments, perhaps I will buy more.

  2. thanks for the information..

  3. Craig says:

    I’m getting errors when trying to access Be Sweet! | Harold’s Garden and used car pricing.

  4. bellybuster says:

    Your blog is quite helpful–I will be checking back frequently!

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