Money Back Guarantee

ImageRefunds: Sometimes folks decide to quit playing Empire Avenue.

When they close their account, some stuff happens that you care about if they are invested in you or you are invested in them. Basically everything gets sold and refunded. That means if one of your investors quits playing EA, it is just like they sold the shares that they owned. Your share price will dip. If you were invested in them, some extra eaves will magically appear in your bank.

To see Refunds, go to the Bank Page(tell me if you don’t know where to find that, & I will explain), look at the right hand column in the Income section. Click the line item called Refunds. That will open a box with the individual refunds you have received from the past 24 hours. You will see the stocks that have delisted from EA along with the unclaimed mission rewards from missions that you archive.

You will only get the ticker and the amount. Finding the actual account name is trickier; since you get a 404 error from EA. I do a Google search on the old account URL; then check Google’s cache to see who it was.

Yesterday I had these two refunds:

Cole Ruddick Refund – (e)COLR 370,392.78

Claire Stretch Refund – (e)CLAIREFILM 284,734.59

The amount shown is my investment in them. I do not know a good way to find their investment in you.

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