The Price of Sharing

FImageolks often wonder how their share price gets calculated on Empire Avenue. 

During the day your share price will rise or fall based on people buying or selling your shares. That is only part of the equation. 

There is also a Social Media calculation. For new players the percentage of Social Media is higher. As you have more outstanding shares (that is what EA calls the shares held by your investors), that percentage decreases. You can find out exactly how much is buying/selling and how much is your Social Media activity by clicking the Stock Market tab. The top center graphic explains “What makes up your Share Price” (for me it is 88% share buying/selling 12% Social Media…your results will vary).

This Social Media adjustment to your share price happens once per day during the User Close. You will notice that at about the time your dividends are paid, the counter that tells the direction and amount of your share price change is reset. (Green if you are gaining & Red if your share price is falling) That reset is as result of this Social Media evaluation. Only your top 5 networks are examined for share price setting.

Players call the end of User Close the Turn. If someone asks was your Turn red or green, they want to know what color that direction indicator was to start your day. Since many people do their buying & selling about the time that dividends are paid, a green turn is beneficial. Some folks will sell stocks that are red because they don’t like the idea of losing money by holding stocks with falling value.

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