Hanging for Fun!


ImageHang in there…the Market Corrections on Empire Avenue impact everyone and will slow down eventually…I am reasonably certain.


Feels like everyone is becoming a bit sad about their portfolio and dividend income. When all the trends we use to evaluate our success are pointed the wrong direction, plotting a course is tough. On a personal note, my dividend income is down over 500K despite investing around 15M in additional shares over the past few days.


What EA management is trying to do is reduce eave inflation. The prices of everything on the Avenue are skyrocketing in ways that are unsustainable. This is not an exact science. Economists are usually wrong…in real life & in this little game economy. That is not because they are bad or stupid. It’s because this is really complicated and folks often don’t act logically or predictably.


Realize that the important stuff on Empire Avenue is not limited by the game. Share Price, Dividends, and Eaves will all pass away eventually. The relationships and knowledge that you build will stay with you forever. Hang in there.

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4 thoughts on “Hanging for Fun!

  1. Great post Harold 🙂 A good time to remind us that it isn’t just a game and many of us have built great relationships with wonderful people. I like the game side but over the past year I’ve been lucky enough to network with people who have taught me an enormous amount on several topics.

  2. Yeah, I know what you mean Harold and I agree. The thing is, any negative aspects (share price drop, dividend drop) are all relative and everyone is equally affected. My divs have dropped by about 10% but I’m not too concerned…I’ll keep on investing in people 🙂

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