Empire Avenue Investing

1. To grow your Net Wealth, invest in Fresh Faces. Everyone enters Empire Avenue priced at 10.00(e). A stock’s price moves based on the buying(up) & selling(down) of that stock, and the Social Media activity of the player. If you make the right investments, your 10(e) can become 100(e) in less than a week.

2.  To grow your Share Price, invest in investors. When you are on the Avenue, take notice of the folks buying shares. When you visit a profile, see if the player’s portfolio holdings exceed the number of shareholders. Those are great clues. Check the profile to see if they have a policy of reciprocating investments. By purchasing someone who is actively investing you are likely to receive a reciprocal buy back. A similar Share Price also increases the odds of a buy back.

3. To increase your daily income, buy stocks with a high ROI. ROI is the ratio between the price of the stock and the dividend that the stock pays.

Let’s pretend we have a stock called GREEN that costs 1000(e) and pays 4.00(e) per share. 1600 of that is expensive, but if you have it; who cares? If you don’t have many eaves, you would have to save for weeks to buy it. Let’s pretend that we have a stock called SCOTT that costs 100(e) and pays 1.00(e). SCOTT is the right one for you to buy because for the money you spend, you get much more in return on your investment.  The ROI numbers specifically: GREEN = .40 SCOTT = 1.00

4.  To keep your share price stable, reciprocate buys with your investors. Folks are much less likely to sell your shares if you can sell theirs. Nobody likes a falling share price.

5.  To stabilize your portfolio, win friends, and influence people…invest in the leader board. These are folks who understand the game and can help you. They have tons of eaves to invest massively, sponsor missions, and provide assistance in many ways.

If you have enough eaves to do all this at the same time, Dups-the CEO of Empire Avenue is very grateful for your purchase of eaves at the shop.


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