Navigating the Maelstrom…I mean market corrections.

I wrote a brief tip about Managing Empire Avenue amid all the changes for the New EA Users’ group and thought it might be helpful for others.

I do not know what today will bring to the Avenue. Dups (the CEO of Empire Avenue) suggested that the market corrections reducing dividends and share prices may not be over. You have seen much wailing and gnashing of teeth over these changes from many players. You may be wondering, what should a new player do?

Beats the hell out of me…just kidding…well not entirely, but here are my suggestions:

1. Do missions. There are a ton of missions where folks are trying to raise their falling share prices. There is an increased focus by EA for dividends & network score on missions. Besides you can learn a lot and meet some great people.
2. Invest. You might think you should keep your eaves on the sideline waiting for all these corrections to finish. I think you should invest. Buy the stocks that fit your strategy right now while they are at a discount. Buy the stocks of your friends to help lift them out of their slump. They will be grateful for your support.
3. Have fun. Finally this is a game. Have fun. I know that it is a game with real world consequences for many of you. Real money is spent, time is invested, and reputations are on the line…but this needs to be fun. No lives are at stake. The sun will rise tomorrow. The market corrections will stabilize, and we will do it again the next day. Live, love, learn, adapt…just like in life.

Have a great day on the Avenue!


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