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tumblr_lz67ehtvtD1rni0jxo1_500Missions Part Deaux

Second…since I know that you won’t pay that much attention to my previous post.  When you create a mission, please consider trying my personal rules for life.  Others have called it the KISS technique:  Keep It Simple Stupid!

Most people will not read your mission description.  Many people struggle with understanding English.  If you have more than a screen of mission description, you are begging for disappointment.

Buy me, Like bomb, Retweet type missions asking for a simple action are most likely to succeed.  Interestingly I find that high reward missions generate more mission theft than rewards that match the ‘going rate.’

I have seen folks opine that creative missions will help your success.  Perhaps with some that is accurate, but I prefer to do missions that are easily understood with safe content from a mission creator with a solid reputation.  Become that kind of mission creator, and folks will wait eagerly to do your missions.

Match your reward to the task.  A Retweet is simple; so folks will do it for a lower reward.  The content will also make a difference.  A beautiful photo or a nice quote is easy for anyone to share.  Promoting porn, drug use, idiosyncratic politics, or divisive religious views is more problematic; so that mission will likely require a higher reward.  If you want a long comment, recommendation, or a long video watched; match your reward to the task.  Consider honestly whether you would do the task for that reward for someone you didn’t know or trust.

Some folks think that explaining the reason or justification for the mission will help.  Your long explanation will inconvenience many electrons, and both of the folks who read it.  Has anyone really been convinced by the text of a mission description to do the mission?  Many more have been convinced not to do a mission because of a long, confusing description.


One of the older profiles on the Avenue offers very high paying missions regularly.  I have done exactly two of them.  I am not sure that I did either one of them correctly; so I just decided to pass.  His long, convoluted descriptions just leave me baffled.  Besides I can do 3 or 4 retweets in less time than it takes to read…much less do his mission.

I have one exception to the keep it short rule.  Please be careful to list any unusual terms, conditions, prerequisites, & warnings.  Not Workplace Safe, unsuitable for some streams, self injury trigger, or anything that might not be completely obvious from a brief glance.  A personal peeve is a registration requirement that is not mentioned.  Remember that mission takers can also rate the mission creator.

Personally I despise the warnings against mission theft.  Some folks claim it works, but I really hate the tone it sets.  Sort of sounds like someone invited me to dinner and included a warning not to steal the silver.  Also you set yourself up for a ton of work:  checking, rating, reporting, & blocking on every mission will make that a full time job.

A bit long winded here, but I think I will conclude:  If you KISS with the missions you create, you can have some very enjoyable results.


Missionary Positions

ImageFirst I want to discourage new players from creating missions; not forever, but for awhile. The game rewards patience. Missions are expensive. The fee for creating a mission is equal to the mission reward. To get anyone to do your mission, you probably need a substantial reward. There are additional fees for any special requirements you add. Those eaves can’t be recovered. I have seen many folks fail at EA because they spend all their eaves creating missions. They get discouraged because they never make any progress with their Share Price, Wealth, or Income. 

I understand missions are fun, and you may have some important business reasons for creating a mission. If you will invest wisely, your dividend income will support your missions forever. You need just a bit of patience. I don’t have an exact number for what your income or net wealth should be; but my advice is if you say ouch when you see the price of your mission, wait a bit longer. 

I started about the same time as one of the most prolific mission creators. He says he has spent in excess of $10,000 USD on his EA habit. If he had used that first month’s spending for investments in quality profiles, he could have funded his missions for free. Instead he continues to give EA cash. I spend around 500k daily on missions and my eave wealth will be about a billion at my 13 month anniversary. I have spent a lot of time, but that is all.

The eaves you spend to create missions are gone forever. The eaves you spend on investments will pay you forever.

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Favorite Flavor

ImageWhy doesn’t EA allow my favorite network?

A bunch of folks have a favorite Social Media Network that is not an option for attaching to EA. The most common ones that I hear mentioned are Pinterest, Tumblr, & Blogger.  Here are a few reasons why.

1. Connecting & evaluating a network is not easy. There is no standard way for Social Media (SoMe) Networks to communicate with each other. EA must use the network’s API (Application Programming Interface), figure out what the network will allow; then decide how to use that information to calculate a network score.
2. Some SoMe Networks make it difficult or impossible for EA to gather data. Not all SoMe Networks have an API. That is specifically the issue with Pinterest; so there is nothing that EA can do; until PI changes.
3. Some SoMe Networks provide very limited information to third parties. I mentioned this issue while discussing Linked In.
4. EA is a very small team that is really busy. Looks like they have about 5 developers and tons to get done.
5. The EA community is a bit change averse. Maybe not everyone, but a ton of folks always scream at any changes. Changes also have unpredictable results. Dups probably doesn’t enjoy the beatings.
6. The RSS attached blogs were removed from EA because of the abuse by players. There is just not a great way to determine & reward awesome content at this time.
7. EA not only has to get the technical details straight, but they also have to understand the network and the signs they can evaluate to fairly score the network without upsetting the current dividend calculations.

There is hope. Dups has said they intend to add additional networks. He specifically mentioned Tumblr as likely the next network. He has also talked about the Gamr experience that will be used by EA to provide insight toward evaluating other blogs. Seems that Blogger is also reasonable; since they are already into the Google ecosystem with G+ and YouTube.

My point is that wishing for your favorite flavor of network to be added is really easy. Figuring out how to do it is a good bit tougher.

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New Thoughts

Image1. Upload an avatar. Preferably a smiling, flattering head shot of you. Yes it seems silly,but it does make a difference.
2. Allow wall shouts, buy shouts, and every other way for folks to communicate with you. This is social media. If you don’t want to be social, this might not be the right place for you.
3. Run Missions. You need the revenue. 
4. Do a great job with the missions. Attempt to exceed expectations. Thank the mission creator, like the mission, rate the mission favorably (unless it is awful; then why did you take it?). Missions are a huge place where you can make or break your reputation.
5. Invest in solid ROI stocks that represent solid folks. When you are starting, there are thousands of possible investments. Look beyond the investment numbers and invest in folks that are active where you can gain additional engagement value.
6. Shout everywhere, early & often. Folks will not invest if they don’t know you are here. I just did a buy me mission, and the first folks who took the mission invested, but they didn’t leave a shout. How crazy is that? A missed opportunity for EA activity, but most important a missed opportunity for a quick buy back from me. Why make it tough for folks to figure out that you did something nice?
7. On your EA bio, remember this is a selling opportunity. Try to write something that will encourage folks to buy & engage with you. I am not suggesting that you lie, but don’t highlight the weirdest, scariest, darkest parts. Give us a chance to know…perhaps like you; before we find out how really strange you are.
8. On your EA status, consider posting your close & achievable EA goals. Others want to help you succeed. Tell us what you are trying to do & you might get some help. If your share price is 38; then you might want to get to 40 by the end of the week. These folks who are at 50 and want to break 100 should keep that to themselves; until they get to 99.

Bonus: You are unlikely to be able to convert your eaves to a huge cash pay day; so have fun out there. 

Double Bonus: If you treat people nicely, they are likely to be nice to you.

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Tweety Zone

ImageTwitter is a bit of an intriguing problem as an EA network. A couple of leaders on the Twitter leader board have divs around 0.30 (e) with no other network activity. Their follower counts might be difficult to duplicate…over 500,000! Both accounts posted over 100 tweets in the last 24 hours.

I don’t think you can play EA without a Twitter account. The mission that takes the least time and effort is a retweet, and there are gobs available. I bet you could do twitter only missions and earn a million eaves in one day…a long day…but still. My opinion is that you should do missions from your EA connected twitter account; otherwise folks will suspect you are stealing the mission.

My twitter account has around 2,000 followers gained during my time on the Avenue. EA says 118 tweets today. All my tweets are from missions. My score is 57. Since my account is purpose built for EA, I don’t worry too much about the tweet content. I am not recommending these practices; merely telling my own story.

Conclusions that I draw about twitter. 

You need 1,500 to 2,000 followers for a reasonable EA network score, but you don’t need zillions. Buying fake followers is a bad value. It might get you to the top of the EA Twitter Leader Board, but it just does not seem that productive.

With a smaller follower count, you have to tweet more for your network score. 

Response from your followers makes a big difference to your score. Retweets seem to be the key. Mentions are also important. There is great debate about if favorites make a difference to EA. Seems like it should, but favorites are not mentioned in the EA FAQ. I know some folks who have agreed to help each other out with twitter by retweeting. That seems to work well.

I guess my bottom line is that twitter is a solid network where some thoughtful energy can help your dividends, but trying to kill yourself getting a great score doesn’t make much sense.

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ImageYouTube is a network that is more important with the new dividend calculations. Exactly what that means and how much relative to other networks is tough to estimate now. Dormant accounts with just YT activity have recently attracted investments because of interesting ROI numbers. 

I don’t produce or upload YT videos. I probably should, and after all, sleep is overrated. I do have a YT account where I view, rate, share, subscribe and comment getting me to a whopping 6 for my YT score. I am aware that some folks upload content that they do not produce for salutary impact on their YT score.

The EA FAQ says: 

1. Your activity through posting videos, the connections you make with other Youtube users, their interaction with you on Youtube through comments and favourites.
2. YouTube: Post Videos. Again, no need to post 20 videos a day, just get people to interact with the ones you do post through their comments and favorites. Comments from different users are better than lots of comments from the same user. Comments and rates by you on other people’s videos also counts, to a limited extent.

Looking at the YT leader board, the most instructive profile is Motor Trend with a YT score of 97 & basically nothing else producing a dividend of 0.32 (e). That would cause me to conclude YT is interesting, useful, & increasing in importance; however probably in the middle tier of dividend producing networks.

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Unchain Yourself

ImageI know that many of you groan when you see these tips figuring that I am a crazy person suggesting one more thing that you need to do to improve your game. Although you may be right about my sanity, today I offer to take something off your EA To Do List.

Don’t sweat Linked In for Empire Avenue purposes. I am not trashing Linked In. It is a fine social media network. There are tons of reasons why you should be actively involved, but Empire Avenue is not one of them.

The EA FAQ reports, “Due to limited available information from this connection, we pay a lower, fixed amount for LinkedIn.” From the Linked In leader board I notice, someone with a LI score of 100 only pays 0.12(e) per share.

LI scores are very stable; so it may be good for the social media price adjustment from the Market Maker (just a guess here). I think you should leave your LI network attached; since more networks seem to be better always for EA scoring. EA will automatically select the ‘best’ networks for your dividend calculations.  The evidence suggests spending your energy elsewhere if you are trying to raise your scores or improve your dividends.

Unchain yourself from any anxieties about Linked In at least as it relates to Empire Avenue.

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Posting in G-land

ImageGoogle Plus is a network with increased importance for producing dividends in Empire Avenue according to Dups.  That is a bit of an issue because we really just don’t know much about how Empire Avenue evaluates this network.  I will tell you the stuff we know, debunk a myth or two, tell you a few things we just don’t know, and the speculate wildly!


The really BIG fact that you must keep in mind is that Empire Avenue will only evaluate Public posts.  They say it is an issue of the Google API.  If you do not share your posts to Public, you might as well not post for your EA score.  That also is true for posts where you engage.  G+ will default to share to the same Circles as the last time you shared, so check that you are sharing to Public (I notice a loss of an ‘L’ in that word changes everything…)…  Not sharing to Public is the biggest issue causing folks to have rotten G+ network scores.

Probably need to restate that with G+ like every network, the Size of your network, the quantity of your activity, and your engagement are the things that are scored.   I have heard that EA scores only original posts.  That is not accurate.  Content shared and original content seemed to be scored similarly by EA.

One of the big mysteries of EA scoring is how EA treats scoring pages that you own beside your personal profile.  Seems like just your personal profile is scored, but the jury is still out on that one.  I have seen the question posted a couple of times without answers from EA’s management.  I know a couple of folks working on testing this, but the answers will take a few more days.

I think connecting your Google Plus network to EA will become critical.  Much is happening with the growth of this network, and Google’s ability to create ancillary benefits.  That related impact may become the most important.  I even see my silly G+ stuff showing up in Google search results.

Post beautifully and often to Public in G+ land for great scores and big dividends!


Face the Music

ImageWith the new algorithm change to calculating dividends, I thought perhaps I should make a quick run through the Social Media Networks that you can attach to Empire Avenue. With every network, EA evaluates three aspects to get your score: 1-your reach (the number of folks in your network), 2-your activity (how many posts you make), and 3-your response or engagement (how many likes, comments and shares you get). I will start; since we are here, with Facebook.

The number of friends that you have makes a difference. More is better. Be careful about sending out a ton of random friend requests. It only takes a few folks declining your invitation for you to end up in Facebook jail. It is unclear to me how FB followers are counted by EA. 

Empire Avenue only evaluates wall posts; so activity in groups like this one does not improve your EA Facebook Network Score. A few weeks ago the more posts that you made the better for your EA score. I saw EA’ers posting hundreds of times a day on Facebook to improve their FB score. Today EA reduces the “reward for very high frequency of posting” according to Dups. My FB score is in the 83 with 3 to 6 posts a day.

The critical part of EA’s evaluation in determining your FB score is response. The idea is to reward high quality content by examining how many likes, comments and shares your posts receive. Likes are good; comments and shares are better.  

Remember that Social Media is a reciprocal game; so don’t for get to like & comment on your friends’ posts.  That will help your score a bit, but mainly it will encourage them to interact with your posts.

Post regularly, don’t overdo it.  Post great content that will encourage your friends to engage.  That what will cause your dividends to rise; otherwise you will have to face the music from falling dividends.

Press Your Luck

ImageIf you want to succeed on Empire Avenue, you need a WordPress account; preferably also a blog. Although EA has discontinued scoring other blogs for now, WordPress blogs hosted by only, count as an important EA Network. Not all networks have the same impact when it comes to producing dividends for your investors. WordPress is quite strong even after the recent updates. 

Two reasons that you need an account.

First there are many WP missions. You must have an account to do those missions; so without a free & easy to create WP account, you lose opportunities to bank some big mission eaves.

Second you can build a reasonable WP network score with little time. EA does not seem to distinguish between original posts and reblogs. That means that you can reblog a few posts daily in just a few minutes. Most bloggers actually appreciate your reblogging because that extends their network reach. Get a few of your friends to like and comment on your blog in exchange for you giving them a few back. Suddenly you have a strong WP network score and a div jump that will make you smile!  Don’t press your luck!  Create a WordPress account and attach it to your EA account.

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