Fowl Food

eating-crowWell I was wrong and Dups was right.  You heard it here first!  Damn this crow is tasty!  Looks like the block feature on EA is imperfect but not changed.  With my post the other day, I fouled up but with a bit of honor or at  least an explanation.

Here is my story:  I have blocked folks, and when I did I read the message that EA posts.  The message was: “You will no longer see content created by TICKER and they will not be able to interact with you! Blocking also automatically sells shares and blocks this profile. ” I read well enough to understand that.

After I blocked folks, I never saw them again on Empire Avenue.  That left me with good confidence about how the block feature worked…just like EA said.

Recently with all the changes on the Avenue…virtually all of the changes excellent, I saw something troubling.  I ran into one of my block victims in the EA general community.  I did some snooping to be sure that it actually was the account that I had blocked.  I know folks have created new accounts that look a lot like old ones.  It was the very same account that I had blocked.  My assumption (yes I know assume…) was that EA had forgotten to extend the block functionality when they reinvigorated the communities.

Dups responded quickly to my post saying that nothing was changed. I growled that I could see folks who were blocked in the communities.  He said true, not great, but not changed.  I guess that I just had not run into anyone that I had blocked previously.  Dups owned that the messaging explaining blocking was errant.  Even beyond that, he changed the messaging within a day to reflect the way that blocking actually works.  He promises that a cleaner implementation of blocking is on the way.

Here is the new Block message:

Blocking will prevent direct communication by TICKER and you, including direct messages and shout outs. All shares owned of each other will be sold. Please note, currently you may still interact with blocked members on Empire Avenue Communities and you will still see each others content in various applications including Missions. You will not be allowed to unblock for at least one (1) Week.

Good job by Dups.  He was right.  I was wrong.  He even fixed the broken message.  Thanks.

Being from Southeast Texas, I recommend salsa with that crow just in case you run into a similar situation.


12 thoughts on “Fowl Food

  1. I don’t like crow with or without salsa. I suppose it would be impossible to block someone in a community. I was thinking for example, what if you were networking locally and decided you didn’t want to hob nob with someone in town. But if you were both members of a different organization, that couldn’t work.

    It’s a valuable piece of information, thanks Harold.

    • Thanks Patricia. I guess my concern is with situations that have gotten serious and the victim feels like they need a bit of protection. On FB for example, if you block someone; you can’t see any of their posts. Even if you are both commenting on the same status. I have seen some funny arguments where a third party is explaining what is being said.

  2. duleepa says:

    Hey Harold! Thanks for the post but honestly you really don’t need to eat crow! You alerted us to the message, the funny thing is that it has been a top concern of ours to make these features all be messaged properly. We’ll get more details out soon! Again thank you and thank you for letting people know we didn’t change anything (not yet anyway).

  3. Crow is fine if the salsa is really hot and poured on nice and thick…

  4. Gerard Dunn says:

    I would much rather see someone involved and proactive – even if at times mistakes are made Harold. Eating crow? I just see an honest mistake – with good intentions. Blocking was more of a concern during the painful period on EA that we all go through as we grow. Thank goodness – as daily dividends grow – I try not to let the “Fools” get on my nerves. Keep it up – and see you on the Avenue!

  5. Larry says:

    You;re a big man Harold, admitting your mistake.

  6. Michael K says:

    Yeah – great see you writing a blogpost mentioning your mistake. This honours you.
    BUT: In application development missunderstandings occur and will ever occur. This is cause some features are quite complex and not always well explained and even not always explainable on a very transparent way. Finally the help-text was changed. I know this. I architect and develop web apps since more 18 years 🙂 And some of them are really complex and therefore not that easy to understand and not that easy to explain. After a time I came to the conclussion that we must change sth. So we started to introduce not technical (unnerdy) persons to apps and documentations. Once we saw them failing at some point we discussed and changed.

  7. garystein says:

    Admitting you’re wrong is hard to do. Great job!

  8. its okay to admit you’re wrong and at least we learned something new
    thanks for sharing

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