Yellow means Yield

parker_ln_nb_at_sutherland_dr_02 (1)Empire Avenue is making a ton of changes here recently.  I highlighted many of the admirable changes a few days ago with this post.  In general, things seem to be improving.  I heard a bit of concern about losing the savings feature, but that didn’t seem too major.  I did hear and subsequently notice a change that caused me a bit more concern.  EA has changed the way the block feature works with little or no notice.

When you click Block on a profile, this dialogue appears:

Are you sure you wish to block (e)TICKER?

If you do, you will no longer see content created by TICKER and they will not be able to interact with you! Blocking also automatically sells shares and blocks this profile.
While this dialogue remains, it is currently inaccurate.  In the Groups of Empire Avenue, blocked players can see each others’ posts and otherwise interact.  For me this is a minor item.  The players that I have blocked are for reasons within the game:  mission stealing, selling me, spamming  or rudeness.  I don’t really have a concern about group interaction with those folks.

I am aware of some situations on the Avenue that have escalated beyond discourtesy into threats.  In those instances, blocking was used to create a safety net for the victim.  The change in policy or implementation seems to tear at that safety net.  I am not a huge fan of the change, but I am actively concerned that there was no notice.  I suspect that the number of folks affected is small, but the impact for them may be large.

Were you aware of this modification?  Do you care?  Should EA create a standard change procedure that always notifies us of changes?  Will this have any impact on the way you interact on the Avenue?


10 thoughts on “Yellow means Yield

  1. Hey Harold, we haven’t changed the block policy, in fact I believe it’s actually the original message from when we first implemented Block. However, we are at present writing up a comprehensive “Block Policy” on what “Blocking” means and we are using sites like Facebook as the examples from which to draw on. Blocking for us is for two people to not interact due to whatever reasons, it is not meant to be a game strategy (though we cannot control how people use it). It is also not meant as a way of circumventing abuse. We have a Terms of Service which guides us on how to deal with harassment and abuse.

    I want to reiterate, we have NOT made any changes to Block since pretty much the day it was implemented. Once we are ready to make any changes on Block, we will be happy to let people know beforehand!

    • But I can interact in the group forum with folks that I have blocked. That does not seem to square with the dialogue.

      • Agreed, but that’s also not a change. It’s just that nobody noticed it before (you could call it a bug in that Block hasn’t been implemented consistently) including us. So instead of simply reacting we are trying to define what Block actually means. For example, if you and someone you have blocked are in a community together and are participating in a conversation started by a third party should you not see everyone’s responses so that context of the discussion is shown.

        Currently in communities (as has been the case from the very beginning) if someone you blocked started a conversation then you do not see then entire conversation but if they haven’t blocked you then they see it. Technically this becomes very complicated and we need to truly appreciate what block means and what it means to privacy. Even Facebook states that hey you will still see that person’s content.

      • Oh just to finish up on that, you are right in that message is inaccurate and we really need to spell out what Block actually does and should do!

      • OK, I am still struggling a bit to understand. I have asked a few folks who usually have the answers without any insight. I will update my post, but I am too confused right now.

        Help with some information… Blocking means: 1. No investments 2. No missions 3. No wall posts 4 No private or shareholder messages. Is there anything else that is stopped?

        Are you saying that blocked players have always been able to interact in the communities. We just noticed it recently as communities are more active. Are there any other places or ways on the Avenue where blocked players can interact?

      • Yes, we need to comprehensively state where and what block means which is the comprehensive study we are doing now. I’d rather not say much and confise the issue without that analysis complete. Then it’s a matter of making sure that the policy is correct and anything that is not correct is a bug and will be fixed!

  2. usafa93 says:

    “Not meant to be a game strategy.” Hmmmm, I wonder what that could be?

    Even though it may not designed as a way of dealing with harassment or abuse, it is a clean method for such. Rather than involve an a higher authority, take care of the issue at the lowest level.

  3. Harold, even though we haven’t changed the block functionality, you are absolutely spot on that the messaging is incorrect. I have asked that the messaging be changed today to state something like the following:

    Blocking will prevent direct communication by this person and you, including direct messages and shout outs. All shares owned of each other will be sold. Please note, currently you may still interact with blocked members on Empire Avenue Communities and you will still see each others content in various applications including Missions. You will not be allowed to unblock for at least one (1) Week.

    This will remain in effect until our comprehensive analysis and a block policy is released whereupon we will inform the Empire Avenue community before we enact changes.

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