Street Sweeping

images (8)Does Empire Avenue promote bad social media habits? Have you ever “Liked” something that you didn’t really like?  Have you ever “Publicly Recommended” something that you would never encourage?  Have you shared something and felt like you needed a shower afterwards?  Have you ever posted a bunch of stuff because your score was down; then hoped that nobody blew up your feed by doing stuff like that?  I have done all of these.  I really do understand that most of this is about my questionable choices.

In a discussion group, I posted this: “EA does reward spam. The number of posts that you make counts. I am personally sorry about that. I wish the algorithm was smarter and could discourage oversharing.”   What do you think?  Wrong, too harsh, true, too true… I got a reply that at some limit EA does not  reward you, but of course, no one knows the limit.  If that is accurate; then it is as good as no limit at all.  The game does not penalize for too many posts; so more is better.  If you have a question about that, I can point you to some profiles.  I see folks with hundreds of posts everyday, and really big network scores.  Does anybody really think that posting hundreds of times every day on a platform is really a good practice that should be rewarded?  Let me know if I misunderstand something here.

And while I am on the soapbox growling, what about the increasing practice of posting exactly the same content in exactly the same form to every network? Some content certainly ought to be shared on multiple streams, but I can’t be the only one who thinks the real explanation for this behavior is game play.  I understand that makes for great dividends, I get that it is automatic and super easy, but I am not sure that makes for building an excellent Social Media Empire.  If EA is Social Media Rocket Fuel, seems to me somebody needs to check the navigation.

So much of what EA does to encourage and reward developing our Social Media Networks is awesome.  I have learned so much about so many different platforms.  I have met amazing people.  I gained a ton of experience in Social Media in a very short time.  It’s such tremendous tool, but this part feels a bit off kilter.

Should EA help by altering the algorithm for calculating network scores?  An update to the algorithm seems in order where there are diminishing returns and then perhaps even a penalty over some limit.  Some have disagreed saying basically different strokes for different folks.  Help me check my math.  If you are following 500 EAvers each posting 100 times a day, that might be 50,000 items floating through your stream per platform.  Although exactly where to draw the line is certainly debatable, that we EAvers (yes I am guilty) overshare seems undeniable.  At these volumes, real engagement seems unlikely.

I suppose in the end it becomes a question of staying true to your brand in the face of temptation from the Avenue.  I’m not mad at anyone, and I am only a little bit jealous of some of those scores.  Perhaps everyone else is just more adept at managing their streams.  I think I need to do a bit of recalibration to decide what is really important.

Please coment gently.  I promise I was talking about me…not you.


15 thoughts on “Street Sweeping

  1. I did in the beginning – but it did not feel right – so I stopped – and followed MY HEART – never regretted that 🙂

  2. Great blog, Harold. In the beginning I did the same! Doing all kinds of missions, but that did not feel right. Since 6 month now I am very selective by doing the missions and ask my self: Does it fit with my personal brand or content-strategy? I see missions, or EA in general, as a marketing/branding tool. You will never have 100% ROI from your missions, as in real life!

    Just enjoy the game or tool and, as lenejyttehansen said, follow your heart! With warm regards, Ruud.

  3. I think it took guts to print this and admit it! And since you did, I will too: I’m a media whore some days! There are certain things I won’t do at all but if its not “offensive”, I’ll bomb just about any platform. However, I try to hold FB in reserve and tend to only share what I want to share, and not what someone paid me to share. I like this post.

  4. Luigi Cappel says:

    If you’re talking about Missions, I check out the missions first and make sure that the topic matter is useful to people who follow me and that I agree with it. I don’t do many. I’m more concerned about quality than quantity. As to my posts, the same. Once in awhile I might tweet several times about a rugby match or something, but I’m still engaging with other fans when I do it. I don’t believe in tweeting hundreds of quotes and proverbs or sending the same message over and over again. On the other hand I do appreciate the opportunity to get support from EA people to share my blogs. I am trying to generate paid writing and consulting opportunities and this can help.

    I guess the fact that I try to get to know people on EA and find mutual opportunities is reflected in the fact that I haven’t reached 200e yet. I am finding and meeting some very interesting people through Empire Ave, but I guess that to me is more important than the gaming element, although I like to see growth as well, I’m not immune to reward even if that in itself is relatively meaningless. Someone asked me the other day if I was using Dup’ software. I’ve tried it, but I’m more interested in relationships and seeing what they are up to. I look at each profile I invest in or interact with each time.

  5. newsj44 says:

    Harold I have run into this since I have been back. If I go too quickly I find those missions where a shower is not even enough for decontamination. Having taken the Eaves I complete the mission. I then block the person because our values do not match and it protects both of us from those nights when I read a little too quickly or their description is deliberately designed to obfuscate the real commitment of the mission.

    Since my return to the avenue I have seen many more spam accounts than I remember. After three months of being back I have gotten better at spotting them but I still get caught between my commitment when accepting a mission and my values. A handful of times the missions were so egregious I could not complete them. I reported about half of those to Zen desk to refund the mission giver their eaves.

    • Thanks for your comment…and that is a great suggestion. I had not thought about asking Zen desk for help. Do you think there is anything that EA can do to limit the scammers?

      • Actually We probably do not want them to. As I expect they support those of us who play legitimately paying real cash. What I like about EA is that it is what you make it. If you block the scammers and spammers soon they will only be playing with each other and the rest of us can go on improving our social media game!

  6. The numbers are not as important as doing what is right! If we do right, the legitimate numbers will be there. Is it worth doing things wrong just to get a higher number???

  7. Eric Hearn says:

    Good article Harold. Like you, I am guilty as charged bolstered by enthusiasm and trying to create a viable position on EA. Lately, I have seen more ‘strange’ missions and I now make a point of clicking through to see where these links will take me and what I might be putting my name to.

  8. Michael K says:

    Amazing article! many thanks Harold and I even think you say what many people think.

    Honestly: Maybe at the beginning I also did missions without reflecting them. Actually I only share things I can stand to.

    I share pretty images, some really interesting articles and informational graphics, stories, causes and sometimes also political stuff.

    BUT I never share spam or such stuff like – become rich in a weekend. And I never spam.

    Additionally I dont share everything everywhere. It must commonly fit the channel.

    Since some time I always preview the mission urls before doing anything. Why? On the one hand not to spoil my followers on the other hand not to take EAVes for a mission I do not complete.

    Well: and I prefer doing missions for people I know as I can be quite safe they’re social safe.

  9. I only share missions I agree with. EA should adjust the algorythm, but I doubt they will.

  10. Liz says:

    I do Like, Share and Comment where I wouldn’t otherwise on behalf of a EAv Mission but I don’t consider Mission activities spam since they really are on the behalf of others, they don’t really enhance my own score at all. By accepting a Mission offer, it’s my responsibility to follow through. But no one is forcing anyone to do Missions.

    I don’t otherwise do any unnecessary actions to keep my dividend up though. The consequence is that I have a so-so dividend. But I decided long ago that I wanted to focus on building up my portfolio (what and how much I buy) and not on sales of my own stock (because I have a killer dividend). I tried (and this was all pre-Missions) but it was time-consuming, took a lot of effort and annoyed my non-EAv friends. It also felt unnatural.

    I found that once you stop being obsessed about your own dividend, your need to spam your social media accounts will quickly fade. Your shareholders might not be happy but, to be honest, the cost is just too high.

  11. lavaheadza says:

    I think Google’s algorithm adapting constantly could have an new classification of EAV, good or bad I don’t know, but if it were down and people as publishers with unique content are getting more recognition from Google, it is going to be interesting to see how it is going to play itself out.

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