Empire Avenue Tips Two

ImageIn the new users forum, I am still posting tips.  Not everyone follows that Facebook group, and a few folks mentioned that they found my ideas useful.  Please leave any suggestions that you have in the comments.

1.  Create a WordPress account.  I am not really prepared to argue the merits of the various blogging platforms, but you need a WordPress account to effectively play on the Avenue.  Since a WordPress hosted account is the only blog platform that can connect directly as a scoring network, it merits special consideration.  Many missions ask for a WP Like, Comment, or Share.  You need an account to do these missions.  You can create content for your blog simply by reblogging content from other sources…that is two button clicks for those that haven’t tried it.

Empire Avenue will provide some scoring for just commenting, liking, and otherwise interacting with other folks’ blogs.  If you create blog content by writing or reblogging, EA will provide decent scores.  If you create content and drive interaction (with missions or spectacular content or blackmail), EA will provide great network scores that will rock your dividends.

2. EA uses your top 5 networks to calculate the dividends that you pay to your shareholders. Even if you are not active on that many SM networks, it is probably a good idea to go ahead and create/connect at least five. It will definitely encourage folks to buy you. Who knows, you might even find a new platform that you enjoy.

3.   Some folks don’t play nicely. Some have bad manners, some are nasty, and some are complete scoundrels. Empire Avenue allows you a couple of tools to manage those folks.
You can quiet the rude folks by muting them. On their profile page where you recommend or add to other lists, you can click the Mute button. This will keep anyone from seeing their posts to your profile wall. There is also a mute option on the shouts that are on your wall that works exactly the same.
If you have more serious trouble, consider these options. You can Report the offender to let EA know of your trouble with this person. btw, I have no idea what if anything they do with this information. Go to the Profile page of the offender and look in the bottom right corner and click the yellow Report button. Directly beneath the Report button, there is the Block option. When you Block someone, you automatically sell your investment in them. If they are invested in you, those shares are sold also without commission to the person you blocked. You can’t run their missions or have any other interaction with them on the Avenue. Of course this does not apply to other sites. You can unblock a person after a week if you would like.

4.   Lots of eaves are nice. The game can be really fun, but the people you meet are what is really important. Everyone needs to take a break now and then; so don’t get too concerned about your game.  Take time to let someone know you care; so for Heaven’s sake…get off the silly computer and have a great day in the real world away from Empire Avenue!  If you are going on an extended holiday ( I heartily endorse this); then you might want to consider purchasing vacation from the EA store.

5.  Be cautious about running a buy me mission. If folks know that you do many, they have no reason to spend their own eaves to buy your stock. We will just wait for your mission to buy you. Occasionally when you are trying to hit a milestone, needing to stop the bleeding, or just wanting a lift…ok. There is nothing immoral or unethical about a buy me mission; just not a smart strategy if you do it too often.

6.  When you are investing, check the portfolio of your potential investment. If they are not investing, they won’t stick around. The game is too tough to play with just eaves from doing missions, and too expensive to play with just bought eaves. The only exception is a few Social Media rock stars who don’t play, but their Social Media activity produces awesome dividends.

7.  When I make a buy/sell decision with 7 day old stocks as the Fresh Face status is lifted, the size of the portfolio is a great predictor of future growth.  If they are investors,  they are engaging not just with the platform; but also engaging with people.  They will tend to stick around.

8.  Newcomers, be patient and thoughtful as you get the opportunity to run missions. Focus on building community and spreading your message (and receiving others’ messages). Practice restraint and don’t start running fully self-serving (i.e. Buy my stuff) missions until you are well on your way to buying back those who have supported you. Put some effort into identifying what makes missions easier to do and you will see much better results! Identify clearly what the mission is about in the description – leave NOTHING to doubt. This is doubly so if your mission is one where some people may not feel comfortable. Never EVER try to trick someone with or into a mission…from Casey Fahey

9. In EA scoring, not all networks are the same in value for creating dividends. I DO NOT know why this is the case, but you can check the network leader boards. Evidence suggests that Instagram, 4Square, FaceBook, and WordPress are probably the leaders for dividend production. LinkedIn has surprisingly little impact. A similar moderately interesting fact is that IG, 4S, & WP are relatively easy to ‘game’ if that floats your boat.

10. Try to avoid selling your investors.  Jeff Mayernik had a fresh face that he maxed out buy 96 of shares and then sell them an hour later.  Important safety tip – If you pull a stunt like that, you are probably going to find yourself blocked.  Folks will talk about you, and folks will not trust you.  Your share price and engagement are likely to suffer.

Bonus tip:   If you are struggling with a network and need to improve your score, find a few folks who will work with you. SM is a reciprocal world. Find 5 or 10 folks who will do something in exchange for the same. I will like/retweet/comment/favorite or whatever 5 of yours every day if you will do the same for me. It is really great if you can actually find folks with similar interests.

Bonus tip #2  Jeanne Lynn asked me how to find who owns shares in you, but you don’t own any in them.  On your Profile page click the the tiny arrow next to your Avatar in that blue bar. Select Shareholders; then click the Shares Owned sort twice. On all those sorts, a second click changes between ascending/descending.  This will show folks who have invested in you, sorted by the number of shares you own of them.

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30 thoughts on “Empire Avenue Tips Two

  1. Very useful and interesting !!!

  2. Jason Wagner says:

    Very good information, and well worth sharing it. Thanks, Harold. I like how you do the Q&A, too

  3. It’s obvious that I need to update my WP.com account lol. Excellent tips and I never ever run “buy me” missions.

  4. bizGENIUS_AUS says:

    eloquent and exactly what newbies need to know

  5. cjnewsome says:

    That’s what I’m talking about Harold G. Some useful information.

  6. Great Tips! Especially since I am a Newbie to Empire – I will take away good information from your blog. Thanks 🙂

  7. Michael K says:

    Great content…many thanks for this Harold…

  8. Great post Harold, these are really helpful. I’ve been around a while and most of your tips I’ve read in the last few weeks have been new to me and really good value (as is evidenced in my recent price). I had a really old wp account connected, so no wonder it was always at 1.

  9. Thanks Harold. I did not know any of this stuff but will definitely take note. Makes me wonder how I got to almost 200(e). Could you please direct me to tips 1 and your FB tips page? Thanks

  10. harold, this is great stuff. Didnt realize how powerful EA could be. I requested to join the fb group but havent received an approval yet =(

  11. Thanks for the tips! I just joined EA and some of these are very useful.

  12. justinpone says:

    these are great tips! I would have liked these alot when I was first starting out haha.

  13. Thanks for these useful tips for EA-Starters, these tips can help everybody to skyrocket his EA-Value as fast as possible. Great post Harold

  14. THX for sharing, Harold! Great tips 🙂

  15. usafa93 says:

    Keep archiving this valuable tips in an organized manner. You’ve started a book.

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  17. layanglicana says:

    Very useful ‘Lesson 2’, Harold! It’s probably well understood, but could maybe do with repeating, that it is important in Word Press to use the WordPress domain in order to get the credit. WP are constantly trying to get you to buy your own domain but if you do it won’t count as a WordPress blog so far as Empire Avenue are concerned.

  18. Gary Brewer says:

    Good stuff I think we all forget Social Media is a dialog not a monologue. People do not care how much you know until they know how much you care and Groups promote that!

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