Easter Reflections

background-vector-easter-cards-and-decorations-butterfly-eggs-05-vector-mate-15-14471-images-300x300Today the entire family gathered for our Easter celebration.  Saturday just worked easier for our hectic schedules.  The food was great, but the most fun was that we had some Easter Egg hunting to do.  My one year old great nephew was extremely cute in his quest.  As I watched the little one command everyone’s attention, I

thought about how he was a great metaphor for the season.  That little one year old brings so much hope and joy.

The Easter symbols of butterflies, flowers and eggs make sense.  Not only did we have plenty of those in the back yard, but the lemon tree is in full bloom filling the yard with its sweet scent.  Spring is that time when “the green blade rises from the buried grain.”  Seeds, eggs and cocoons seem dead but hold the potential for life.

The Easter story of life springing forth from death is that ultimate sign of hope.  The knowledge that no matter how dark the season or situation, life and love still have a chance.  For Christians the season is not just about chocolates and pretty clothes.  We believe that no matter the circumstance, we are not alone.  Faith does not promise a pass around life’s troubles.  Faith offers a path through those difficulties and a guiding hand. We find tremendous resilience in the knowledge that no difficulty is ultimate.

Anybody looking at the events of Good Friday would have assumed that the Sanhedrin had the last word.   Our culture rewrites the Psalm: Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for I am carrying my .44 magnum.  Anybody with good sense knows that power & money triumph over love.  A handful of His followers were locked in a room scared they were going to be next ones taken.  The knock on the door brought fear.  They never considered the possibility that they would find hope and a love that would not let them go.

My faith gives me hope in every circumstance.  I find courage when giving up seems sensible.  I see life springing up even when death surrounds.  I don’t have all the answers, but I do have a love that will not let me go.  That changes darkness into light.


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