Until We Meet Again My Friend


I lost a friend today and was caught off guard by the impact.  I came in from tennis this afternoon.  I intended a quick scan of my Facebook before a shower and was stunned by the first post I saw.

Alan passed away 3/25/13 of a stroke at 7:50 PST.  I know he told me a lot how he loved having so many friends on here.

I met Alan only a few months ago on Empire Avenue.  We saw the world very differently, but I loved each of my encounters with him.  Even when he was in a depressive stage, he maintained his generosity of spirit.  He was stubborn, and I’m told that I am a bit strong willed.  We had many lengthy Facebook chats and seldom completely agreed.  I am barely a blogger, both in terms of quality and output; so I was awestruck by his daily blog effort.  He only seemed to notice the days that he missed.  As any artist, he never seemed to be quite satisfied by his work.  As a critic, he was always kind and constructive to others.  I growled at him about excessive generosity with everyone but himself.

I once told Alan about an unfortunate encounter with chicory coffee on an early morning after the night before.  As a native of New Orleans, he loved my silly tale.  Both the fun of late night Bourbon Street, and the penalty extracted the next morning.  Alan was a great audience.

Alan was amazingly transparent in his writing, his struggles with mood disorder, his fights with writer’s block, his gay bearness; so much of his life.  He was so generous with the intimacy of his words, but he valued his privacy.  I suspect an artifact of his activist years.  I thought his choice to avoid a photo as an avatar was a contrapuntal note that added a bit of richness & intrigue.  He once bragged that even after hours of chatting together I would not pick him out of a lineup.  Today was the first time I saw an image of Alan.  I did a web search to find a bit more and was pleased to find this photo.  It would probably irritate him just a little; so I think it is a fitting tribute.

Rest in Peace dear friend; until we meet again!


34 thoughts on “Until We Meet Again My Friend

  1. He was such a good friend. I will miss him and his posts on my wall dearly

  2. jruthkelly says:

    Oh…I didn’t know. Was so caught up in my own loss, attending the funeral of a much-loved father figure. This is so sad. I really appreciated Alan’s presence and perspective.

  3. jruthkelly says:

    And I love your post here Harold. I loved how transparent he was. It was inspiring… Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  4. newsj44 says:

    Harold loved this post. I had never seen his photo but loved him dearly. Thanks for capturing his spirit.

  5. My evening has been filled with tears Harold, Thanks for finding his photo, he and I had a chat about sharing photos, He is smiling right now I’m sure. Here is mine
    Rest In Peace ,Libdrone, Alan Jobe, My Creative Friend, My Bear!

  6. Still trying to process this. Was just talking to him yesterday. He will be missed!

  7. Thank you, Harold, for this extraordinary post.

  8. Sad event Thank you for this post Harold, did have some great conversations with him……

  9. layanglicana says:

    Harold, you have expressed so beautifully the shock we are all feeling. I felt a real closeness to Alan, who was a great encourager. We will all miss him a great deal.

  10. shakthi2013 says:

    Alan will be sorely missed! A great guy! RIP!

  11. donfre says:

    He was cool and will be missed. Great one Harold.

  12. cookiecuckoo says:

    A beautiful tribute to our friend, Harold. Thanks so much for posting and sharing. It’s comforting when you know others are feeling what you are; and often the words don’t come.

  13. Met Alan only may be a couple of months back in EA. Oh Yes… have to agree with you about his extensive generosity. RIP Alan.

  14. Thanks for writing about Alan, Harold. I didn’t know him very well, though he was nothing but kind and encouraging to me. Farewell, Alan.

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