Sold Out

SaleI have some sad and shocking news to report today. Not everyone on the Avenue is nice.  In addition to the thieves and scoundrels, some folks are just selfish, mean, and uncaring.  Now I know someone is going to remind me that if I expect nothing, I will never be disappointed.  Holy Week reminds me to turn the other cheek and repay evil with kindness. I am not arguing, but I wonder if I have deep enough pockets to survive that strategy.  A rambling preamble is a bad way to start; so here it is.  Someone sold my shares.  What should I do?

My usual procedure is to whine; then block.  I whine to give someone with an honest error an opportunity to amend.  Hasn’t happened yet, but perhaps someday.  When I explain what is about to happen, I am often greeted with…but it’s nothing personal.  I grin a bit when I hear that.  Can there be a more profound misunderstanding of social media?  SM is all about the personal.  If you lose the personal, how is SM different from old school, broadcast advertising?  EA is as personal and intimate as you can get with G rated social media.  We are buying and selling our friends.  How do you identify most of the accounts….with a person’s NAME.  The symbol that explicitly identifies ME!

The only thing funnier is when a seller accuses me of ‘threatening’ them.  Really?  You just sold me, but when I tell you I intend to reciprocate your kindness…I am mean?  Perhaps it goes back to my premise of selfishness.  Sellers don’t seem to understand my irritation at being sold, but they are all in on hating me when I am ready to sell.  I get sold without a comment, but when I have the courtesy to provide someone an opportunity to save themselves….I become the bad guy?  Yes I am going to sell you.  Yes I am going to block you.  Yes I know what it will do to you.  Yes I am sorry, and I even feel a bit sad for you.  On the other hand, I object to supporting bad behavior; because that seems to encourage the sinners.

Some folks wonder why I block the miscreants.  I have several reasons.

1.  I practice reciprocal investing.  Up to 1,500, I have matched every active investor(10 EA actions per week).  If you invested in me to stimulate a buy, it works perfectly.  If you then turn around and sell my shares, eventually I won’t have enough income to continue this practice.

2.  I work to support my shareholders.  I care that I provide reasonable dividends and share price increases for my faithful investors.  When an investor sells, the value of a share decreases.  That is bad for everyone who is still invested.  That sale didn’t just irritate me, it reduced the value for everyone who trusts and believes in me.

3.  I use a third party investment management tool.  I am not one of the ‘big guns’…yet, but still it is unreasonable to attempt to deal with thousands of stocks and a zilllion buys with only the tools that EA provides.  I buy a ton based on criteria; so if I don’t block the offender, I am likely to repurchase unintentionally.

4.  I want to invest in folks that I care about and who care about me.  I have some pure, by the numbers investments, but they are just an interest bearing savings account for me.  The greater income allows me to invest and support others.  Investing is a real connection with a real person.

5.  Finally there is a bit of what I learned as a kid on the playground.  If you don’t want to play with me, I don’t want to play with you.  Selling an investor seems to be a loud message that my value to you is gone.

We play a social game where we each benefit when we work to support each other.  I want to be connected to folks with similar goals, values, and concerns.  I want us all to win…though we might need to gang up on Kevin!

Now this does not mean that I never sell anyone.  I would like to be able to hold all my investments; but I have limits of patience, energy, and income.  I make bad judgments with some investments.  Folks quit the game, lose their minds, or just play poorly.  I sell to clear my portfolio, recover eaves, and avoid losses.  I try diligently to make sound decisions.  I don’t always get it right.

I have a bond with my investors to take care of them, and trust that they will do the same.  I remember a while ago, one of my investments seemed to disappear.  I sent a message on FB asking if he had quit.  He apologized for his inactivity but explained that Hurricane Sandy had destroyed his home.  I can hold him.  Some stuff is more important than eaves…in fact most stuff is way more important than eaves.

This post might stir things a bit.  I certainly understand that many will not agree with me, and I am fine with that. I am delighted by the differences that each of us bring.  I really want your input.  I care about what you think…but…Please, pretty please, pretty please with sugar and whipped cream on top, be reasonably polite.  I am sure that we can disagree without being disagreeable.


11 thoughts on “Sold Out

  1. More great stuff, required EAv reading!

  2. newsj44 says:

    It is hard. I remember the first time I played folks who had long standing social media relationships found themselves at blows. You can play EA so many different ways that styles will conflict and misunderstandings happen.

    I know as a fairly few player on the avenue I have sold people I like just to try and keep up reciprocal buying. Some use EA as a social media tool others get caught up in the game looking for wealth If the relationship wasn’t important shrug it off if it was communicate. It just might be a style conflict. Often conflict deepens our connections when resolved.

    Keep the faith. I for one love your positive shout outs and love for the game. Don’t let style or ineptitude tarnish your love for the Avenue. It is infectious.

  3. DES Daughter says:

    There are all sorts of people on EA, but those leaving some negative feelings are hopefully a minority. Selling is part of the game, probably makes it more entertaining, and happens to everyone of us with no exception. I hope for you that it’s an opportunity to post here and to create interaction and that it does not put you in a kind of upset mood because it’s gonna happen again, possibly a lot… Why? Because some people make tests, some make mistakes, some only see it as a game, some don’t just know what they are doing, etc… etc… What do you think is the most important ? The amount of shares hold, or the friendship and relationship ? Recently I had a special player and very closed to me who suddenly “disappeared” with no warning and who is now even refusing to talk. I have no idea why. We are still mutual shareholders but I have the feeling that I lost the most important. So my advice to you: don’t focus too much on some amount of virtual eaves… cheers

  4. I had a guy … who maxed out in me and then spent the rest of his days selling off my shares as my price rose. That was a fairly irritating experience. Fortunately, most people do not do things that way. At least, most of the people I’ve come to know in my short few months. I guess the thing to do is decide weather or not a given relationship is worth salvaging. Or … perhaps the perfect salve is simply to consider entrusting your own investment with someone you DO still have confidence in. Not out of bitterness, but simply because it makes sense. I mean after all… and like the fellow says … nothing personal, it’s just business.

  5. bizGENIUS_AUS says:

    Yes Harold I was very sick in and out of hospital during the last week – I got absolutely pummelled – the way I see it now – the sooner they are off your portfolio the better off you are… I even forced some to go away as their intentions on initial investment are very clear – when a 40 share price goes 1700 on someone with a 700 max – they are gonna sell you and there will be damage… those people no longer exist for me 🙂

    Today 2 more bought me like that so I messaged them to reduce it to my max and I would meet them over a week or so, otherwise I would block them straight away – I refuse to be at the mercy of these people anymore

  6. bizGENIUS_AUS says:

    oh, and by getting rid of them yes i took a hit – but it gave me the cash to increase my holdings with more trusted shareholders

  7. David Hiatt says:

    This is very informative for the Novice like myself, Thank you Harold. You are a keeper in my Portfolio 🙂

    More Food Art Please 🙂 LOL!

  8. Jakub says:

    Have sold portion of shares.. buy/sell is the part of the game, as DES daughter said. I have sold to get better div ratio (inspired by you – use missions to get better social activity score, without spamming the timelines with dozens of uncurated content) to offer better value of every each share people own in me.

    You get 2M a day – i have sold 2M to spread it ( 1/6 of my portfolio) , not sit on the little treasure. I did not sold any of sold people to zero, but they say: hey, i block you! You have sold me!

    Am I really selfish? Everyone who keeped shares is now getting more than 0.6/share, not 0.3 before the action.

    Ok, block me, if you prefer to hold shares with lower div ratio than higher. Shareholders who trust will get more eaves.

    Not everybody gets hundreds of thousands or even millions dividends daily to finance missions only from daily income.


    • Jakub says:

      Sure, you can finance your missions because you hold investments. But you have also very good div/share ratio. By this unpopular action, I am now getting twice more investments, because I have improved my div/share ratio also. Now I can buy all people back + buy more. If company does have bad results, will they also stay on one place and do nothing, or they will try to do something to get better results for all shareholders, even if the way is unpopular?

    • You make it sound like I did not earn the dividends that I receive. I have spend a ton of time and energy learning and working very hard at this. I did try to do this with consideration for others.

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