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ImageIn the new users forum, I have posted a few tips.  I thought I might collect them here.  Please leave any suggestions that you have in the comments.

1.  Are you interested in getting your shares bought (that is what makes your price rise)? Invest in investors. Buy shares of stocks that are active (at least 20 or 30 actions each week) and have more Users in their Portfolio than Shareholders. If their price is similar to yours, you are most likely to get a mutual buy back.

2. Are you interested in raising the dividend income that you pay to your shareholders? Post a lot of engaging stuff to a large group of people. Dividend calculation depends on 3 things: Your network reach (how many friends, followers, fans you have), your activity (how many posts, uploads, or actions you have), and response (how many likes, shares, retweets, or comments your posts cause). Empire Avenue calculates your dividends based on your top 5 networks and is calculated over a rolling 7 days. Blogs that are connected are magically helpful, but exactly how is unclear to me.

3.   Are you interested in raising the dividend income that you are paid each day? Invest in folks that pay a high dividend. When you don’t have many eaves for investing; then you need to try to get the best bang for your buck. That means finding stocks with a high dividend and a low share price. We call that ROI (return on investment). The third party portfolio management tools can help you find these.

4.   Refunds can be a pain but don’t freak out. When someone quits the game, their portfolio is automatically liquidated. If the quitter had an investment in you, it is a sale of your shares. If you have an investment in the quitter, your holdings are liquidated, but at least there is no commission. You can see if you had any refunds by clicking the bank balance at the top of your EA page. That will open a page with the details about the eaves that you have spent & received. If you click the line that says Refund, you will get the details. This will include your returned investment from anyone who quit the game and eaves returned from the unused rewards from missions you archive.

5.  Have you ever opened a window to view a mission and got distracted, busy, or otherwise left the window open for a bit before you could hit the Click Here to Complete button? When you finally click that button, you end up getting sent to your own profile page. Although when you return to that mission page, you will see the button says Already Completed. You didn’t get paid. Refresh the mission window to enable the button to try again. Don’t wait so long next time.

6.  What is ‘The Turn’? That is what happens early morning in Edmonton, EA’s headquarters, during the process that includes your dividends getting paid. You might notice during the day, next to your share price on your profile a number in parenthesis. That is how much your share price has changed during the day. Right now mine says, Share Price: 434.50e (+1.61e) . The EA nightly process, resets that counter for everyone starting with the oldest stocks and continuing to the newest. They reset your share price and the change number up or down to reflect their calculation of your stock price.  A Green Turn means your share price is rising. A Red Turn means your price was adjusted downward. Some folks sell their Red stocks; since that drop in share price reduces their net wealth.

7.  Have you ever finished playing a YouTube mission only to discover that you got the dreaded, “We have noticed…” message. It looks like you have lost out on receiving your reward…but there is a way. Refresh your browser window. The Captcha will show up above the video. Solve the Captcha, then press the Like or Dislike under the video. I know that it looks like the buttons aren’t enabled…but trust me…click it. You will get a mission completed message and eaves deposited to your account.

8.  Are you interested in increasing your Net Wealth?  You can buy eaves from EA, you should do missions, but probably the fastest way to increase your Net Wealth is to purchase new players (all stocks are priced at 10(e) to start); as folks buy more shares the price rises; then sell them when their share price stops going up.

9. Surviving the Sophomore Slump. Most new stocks rise very rapidly at first, but then; sometimes horribly and suddenly, your share price drops. Investors are assessing your potential and taking their profits. Do not despair! If you have not invested back, use your eaves to invest in folks who bought your shares. Don’t try to match but don’t be too cheap. If you have invested back, the dip will be temporary and relatively painless. If you find folks that sold your shares while you have an investment in them, you might reciprocate by selling them. Perhaps even use those eaves to run your first buy mission.

10. Empire Avenue is a social network. You are more likely to succeed if you are social. Use the shout feature everywhere. Folks are more likely to buy you if they know you. Be positive & engaging in your interactions. Don’t turn off shouts on your own profile. If someone is bothering you, mute or block them.

Bonus tip:   Be consistent with your personal brand.  Use the same avatar, name, messaging and style across your networks to make it easier for folks to recognize & find you.  If you say something nice to me on Facebook, I might want to reward you with an investment.  If I can’t find your Empire Avenue ticker easily, I probably won’t invest.

Bonus tip #2  Make sure your investors know you are thankful. If you click your avatar in that top blue bar; then Shareholders, you will see the folks who recently invested listed under Purchase Time.  Do something nice for your investors: invest back, shout thanks, endorse their blogs, do small FB or G+ like bomb, retweet something. Let them know that you are grateful. Even if you don’t have a ton of eaves for huge buy backs, you can find a way to forge a grateful connection. That will be good for you & your investors!  Thanks to my friend Laura Sykes for this suggestion.

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33 thoughts on “Empire Avenue Tips

  1. Thanks for the great post Harold

  2. layanglicana says:

    I endorse all that you say. I have one thought you might consider adding – in your own words, obviously. ‘Empire Avenue is like real life. It is real life. The first rule is to look after your shareholders (and with luck they will in turn look after you). Make this the first task of the day, to check your shareholders, listed under Purchase Time. See who has invested in you and invest back. Send them a message of thanks. Endorse their blogs. etc etc.’

  3. davesoucy says:

    Great summary Harold. Wish I had read something like this when I first joined…:)

  4. I’ll be following your instuctions from now on… Price of my shares will translates into note from my Business Communication lesson 😉 Thank you Harold for this article!

  5. Ed Conway says:

    Thanks Harold…as a new player your insight and info are very valuable to me, as I am sure it will be to others.

  6. rokadudle says:

    Now that’s THOROUGH!! I don’t know all this numbers stuff, but now I can plan to TAKE OVER THE WORLD!! 🙂 Thanks Harold. Love the info!!

  7. eavdailytips says:

    Reblogged this on Eav Daily Tips and commented:
    Thanks Harold for the great Post!
    “In the new users forum, Harold posted a few tips. He collect them here. Please leave any suggestions that you have in the comments.”

  8. Well done will have to keep this link somewhere safe for new starters to find.

  9. Thanks Joan. I will try keep it easy for the new folks to find.

  10. Christian says:

    Good tips which you can’t find somewhere else easily, if ever.

  11. George J Lloyd says:

    Thank you Harold! As always you are helpful and supportive of your fellow “players”. 🙂

  12. Each item is a gem, Harold. Thanks for the breakdown. Much like what you say, I give what I have: tweets, likes, klout, kred, shares, Eaves, etc., and I share it among my friends on the Ave.

  13. Thanks Kevin. It is all about working together; so that we all benefit.

  14. Denalee Bell says:

    These are great tips! I will implement 😉

  15. I would like to put a link on my facebook, can I?

  16. […] In the new users forum, I have posted a few tips. I thought I might collect them here. Please leave any suggestions that you have in the comments. 1. Are you interested in getting your shares bo…  […]

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