I agree with the NRA

funny-gun-people-09I carefully read the response to the Newtown tragedy from Wayne LaPierre and the NRA.  Even as a gun owner, I felt a bit of revulsion upon my first reading.  As a Texas country boy, guns have always been a part of my everyday world.  We were taught to be careful but not afraid of guns.  I have enjoyed hunting and really get the connection between animals dying and me eating.  Occasionally I have even known the name of the primary contributor to my meal.

Still the idea of even more armament is a bit tough for me to accept.  I don’t like the idea of an escalating arms race trying to make sure the good guys have better weapons than the bad guys.  I am unsure there is any evidence that increasing guards really will reduce violence.  If we add that many new guards; will friendly fire, mistakes, misunderstanding, and bad intentions actually reduce or increase gun violence.  I am not sure.

3695I thought carefully about all of this before I decided that I completely agree with Mr. LaPierre.  As someone supporting him, there is one tiny thing that he seems to have neglected considering.  I have some help for him.

I think this new program may be expensive.  We all want the brightest and the best guards armed with the most lethal arms weapons that money can buy.  I figure about ten million a year per campus for 7X24X365 monitoring should do it.  The statistics that I saw indicate around 150,000 schools in the US with multiple locations we might get to 200,ooo, but who is quibbling?

I am confident that the NRA is ready, willing, and able to write that check to handle things.  Surely nothing is as important as the safety of children; except perhaps the second amendment rights of gun owners.  The NRA has an amazing fund raising machine; so I am sure there would be no problem.  If on the slight chance the NRA might decline, I have an alternate proposal.  Let’s just tax gun purchases to handle that expense.  This seems to me to be a win for everyone.  Guns for everyone, guards everywhere, and best of all a great solution for the economic doldrums!

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36 thoughts on “I agree with the NRA

  1. Ben says:

    Having guards everywhere, in your schools is a win/win?


    You think the psychological implications of having a schoolyard full of armed guards, like some sort of concentration camp are good and positive?

    Wow….you Americans and your guns….you obviously care about them more than your children…

    • Hey Ben…let’s try some math…$10,000,000.00 times 200,000 campuses. My math make that 2 trillion dollars. Really? There is a chance for a bit of irony. Even that is a bit much for the US economy…

      • Ben says:

        sorry, just a quick read….and I heard about the NRAs idea for guards in schools….utterly amazing that some people could think that’s a better option than getting rid of guns

      • No sweat Ben. Although it is a serious subject, I was trying to poke a bit of fun. Too many folks don’t think through the consequences of their plans.

        LaPierre has subsequently offered up that he thinks the budget should be a bit less than $80,000 per school. That means the guards would be earning around minimum wage according to my arithmetic. Arming 200,000 plus minimum wage folks with high powered assault weapons and putting them into every school just doesn’t sound safer to me…

  2. George J Lloyd says:

    Thank you Harold! I hope many people read this and someone solves the riddle of NRA… 🙂
    I guess it’s the National Rifle Association (searched for NRA 😉

    • Sorry George, I have been talking with enough folks I forgot to make that acronym specific. Caught up in the conversation and failed to remember not everyone was listening to our rants.

  3. I know you and I disagree on a lot of politics, but after giving this a whole lot of thought last night, I think I agree with ya. We’ve been members of the NRA forever and I know taxes or something will have to go up to protect our kids.

    We live in a much different world than we did when we were growing up, and with six kids, if someone is willing to put their money where their mouth is, maybe this can be a solution and someday we can get back to not worrying about our children being murdered in school.

  4. Steve says:

    Yeah … the NRA didn’t really focus on the cost, other than to say the U.S. government should pay for it. NPR estimated an average cost of $80K per school. Wonder if the gun-slinging tea partiers would be willing to add that to the budget as they move to drastically cut health care, mental health care, community programs, etc.?

  5. Iriony is often lost when people aren’t listening

  6. Mac says:

    Another example of needing a specific font for “irony” and “sarcasm”

  7. I really don’t understand this discussion in the US. Just abondon the posession of guns! Leave that with your goverment. (trias politica) Why does the US have the highest deathrate by guns in the world?

  8. simonhamer says:

    I concur with Mac’s thoughts, but understood the photo.

  9. Barry Gumm says:

    Hello Harold, Well in Australia a vastly less populated area Mr John Harold got rid of most of the auto and semi- automated weapons

    In the short term I would say that would be the best way, but to do that in a county populated with 300 million would be quite a challenge. Now lets look at the long term, in Ezekiel 38-39 it talks about Gog and Ma-Gog going over the north pole to attack USA etc.

    This is now made possible since the USA departed from its military bases because of the GFC in Iceland and Russia is taking up the empty space. So its now only a matter of time before this happens.

    As far as the Government funding this type of thing that seems to be on the news here in Australia Guns / police in every USA school, the USA is bankrupt, in January or February 2013 the interest bill will be equal to the GDP.

    Therefore that can not happen indeed the states are broke as well and cannot afford the public servants, in fact if you sacked the federal government USA still could not pay its bills…..

    The only option left is a private funding like what you and the NRA are supporting or give up the arms, which when Russia comes over the north pole, everyone in the world will wish the USA people still had the arms………

    Best then to keep the arms because one day before too long they may be needed……

    • Barry I hope we can figure out a way to bring our romance with guns in the US under a more rational program. I trust that our very large professional military will be up to any outside challenges. If they are not, I doubt that gun owners will be very effective in slowing down the threat.

  10. Laisla Cristina says:

    I concur with your thoughts, but understood the photo.

  11. cdogzilla says:

    Great post. The (horribly misguided) idea to put an armed guard or two or three in every school (and, one assumes then everywhere homicidal maniacs open fire with assault weapons, so we need one then in every room of every movie theater, in every place or worship … not to mention every military base because remember Fort Hood) is not a serious proposal to make things better, it’s self-serving and clearly meant to say “Our right to guns is so important you should all have to have even bigger guns to protect yourselves from us!”

    • Yes, I really have trouble with the logic. I think that part of the issue is emotional. Having a gun makes me feel safer even though all the data says that gun ownership makes you less safe from gun violence. Our country was able to change a mindset as it related to drunken driving. Perhaps we can do that with gun violence also.

  12. What I learned from the NRA presentation was how easy it is to ignore reality and ignore anyone who disagrees with you. This reminds me of the thinking of mass shooters, but I’m sure there is no connection.

    As a former NRA member I propose a tax of one U.S. dollar on every bullet sold, the money will go into a fund that guarantees open access to anyone who needs mental health services and or medication. Of course there would be no life time limits… This little idea would do 100 times more to stop the shootings than a million guards in the schools…

    I’m well aware that proposing that we deal with the problem before it happens is un-American but I thought I’d give it a shot (give it a shot – get it) anyways.

    Oh and while I’m throwing out logical ideas how about a 25% tax on all alcohol sold in the county, that money would guarantee treatment for addiction to the 10% of all drinkers who become hooked… All the unused jail cells can than be used as storage lockers for the stuff the newly useful addicts will now be able to buy because they have jobs and sobriety.

    Thanks for your time and now back to the world of insanity.

    • We certainly seem to have a bunch of folks who like their guns but don’t seem much interested in responsibility. I guess that is the part that makes me want to scream. We somehow need to build better pay as you go systems; so we have the resources to deal with difficulties. That might allow us to prevent them; rather that just cleaning up the messes.

  13. Nice post, Harold!! I just did a G+! I hope those in my circle will see the irony!

    • As best as I can tell, it is about 50/50. A few more are figuring it out from the comments I think. I have had a few messages privately that were funny in that they completely missed my satire. I am not sure if the problem is my lack of skill, or just a locked in mindset.

  14. Remco Geelen says:

    Wow… I don’t consider myself all too liberal, but how did you people (Americans, sorry to generalize) even get to this point of considering it ‘normal’ to own a killing weapon? And sure, I know the answer: it’s in how countries evolved over the centuries. I just wish I could make some things start over. Being able you guys started off again, carte blanche. Just like some of the ‘typically American’ things, like people actually paying attention to Bill O Reilly and other so-often-lying and mindf*cking peeps and TV stations. Like Romney telling people the Dutch have some active euthanasia system killing all elderly. And so on. He should actually be shot for such hiddeous, horrific bull.
    Anyway, it’s so weird! The USA is a, or the (!) leading country in the world, yet I can not take that nation seriously. At all. Oversized pizzas, oversized parking lots, oversized cars, oversized energy consumption, overvalued American dreams (like all 310 milliion could become superman, oh, for *** sake, come on…), oversized domesticated animals, oversized people, oversized kids… Yet taboos on I don’t know what. Even a taboo to discuss religion and to discuss gun ownership. Just cause the majority shits its pants and suffers from a multitude of nimby syndroms.
    Rant? No, honest disillusion. Where or when does logic kick in? Me, gun, blah… Nope. The entire picture and benchmarking, gun, blah… yes. How many Western countries are NOT accustomed to gun ownership? How many mass misery involving guns is there in those countries?
    Exactly. So why won’t I hear any American say the logical truth, before defending a standpoint? – the truth, being: Such a shame! I wish we could get rid of our majority-shared idea that having a weapon is normal. Because only that could seriously solve the problem in its roots, you know: not seeing a window to, not even seeing any sense in getting a gun and killing 20 people just for not agreeing with others on this planet. Over on this side of the planet those things are so friggin rare. One wouldn’t actually dare. Just like drug use. We try not to regard it as a taboo, even legalize it, and the percentage of users is lower than in nearly all other (Western) countries. And I dare to say: Canada. How come Canada is so much more ‘balanced’. Relatively less sickly obese people, less shootings, less…
    Oh Canada. And uh oh America 😦 I wish you guys the best in finding the open talks way, and finding the middle way more often. It helps a lot. In many ways, for many causes. Shares causes.


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