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Again we’re stuck with a dilemma.  Do we use the word Sense or Since?  Even advanced writers find themselves stuck at time or even in a hurry.  When this happens, we’ll sometimes use the wrong word when we mean another.  It’s as though your mind is thinking to fast and you say one thing, but write another.

Since can be thought of as a form of time.  Since relates to a time period up until now.  Here are some examples:

Since it’s been an hour, should we go look for them?

I know what we can do.  Since the store is closed, we can go to the park.

Mom said you can’t go with us, since you’re to little.

Johnny graduated High School ten years ago, but has since become wealthy.

Since there is no School tomorrow, I’m going to play video games all day.

Since can be a tricky…

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