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Big event was the launching of 4G in the UK. So at last 21st Century communication comes the isle !

Luckily  there was no war reminiscent of the race between video tape standards VHS and Beta, as the two standards for transmitting traffic: 4G seems to have swung via the Long Term Evolution, or LTE, and not the Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access, more commonly known as Mobile WiMAX (which Manchester had at one point!)

So are we all in the streets of the UK dancing and downloading away? Basic answer NO. Sadly the launch is limited to 12 cities spreading to 16 by December (but hey everyone has to start somewhere). The real blight is the cost (again its new and there costs to be clawed back) but the data allowance per pound (or $1.59 at time of press) is excessive with 500 Mb setting you back £36, and…

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