Want to start on the social network ‘Empire Avenue’ ?? Get inspired by Robert Frank!

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Robert (e)RFRANK started on the Avenue the 31th januari 2015, 17 days ago.

From day one, he started to understand the social network ‘Game’ Empire Avenue!

He is smart, a great guy to engage with and  a quick learner,  what make him already on top of the leaderboards.

Yesterday he made a Vlog called “Empire Avenue Review” , after my opinion a great review and a must see for people who want to know more about Empire Avenue.

Watch and Listen!

See you on Empire Avenue soon!




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Monthly Social Media Full Moon Event #FullMoonEngageMe #EmpireAvenue #SocialNetworking

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Since May 2014, every month, we organise a nice social media event on Empire Avenue to bring ALL active social media people around together, closer to engage, meet, learning from each other, having Fun  and ……. expanding their social media network with real connections.

This event takes place around every Full Moon.

FullMoon EngageMe EAevent image

This event is special for people who:

  • want to expand their social media network and planned  to start on Empire Avenue  to meet most active people around. After my opinion the best period to start your account on Empire Avenue!!
  • Want to engage and expand their Social Media Contacts.
  • Just want to have Fun and investing in All people who joined the event.

If your not on Empire Avenue yet? read this blog post to learn about

Based on the past,  all kind of people joined this social media event from leaders, seniors, mediors and newstarters >> How Cool is that?

What does it Cost??

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Avenue.io is Fixed !!

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Last 3 weeks there where a lot of data problems on Avenue.io . So the tool was not useful during this period.


Last night the creator of this wonderful third party management tool for Empire Avenue, Ben Arledge informed us on the Facebook group Avenue.io that the Data error problems should be fixed now.

After checking this morning I must say >>> It looks good again!

Drop a line if you need any support to use this handy tool!




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Join NOW the Full Snow Moon week on #EAv #EmpireAvenue !!

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use this link! ►https://empireavenue.com/community/page/discuss… ◄ This February 2015, between the 3rd and the 9th, join our free social media event taking place at each ‪#‎FullMoon‬ and give a boost to your stock share price, portfolio, shareholders and social networking!




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The Full Snow Moon #FullMoonEngageMe Social Media Event N°10 #EmpireAvenue #SocialNetworking

Originally posted on Empire Avenue:

full-snow-moon image

The Full Snow Moon

February is traditionally the month with the most snow ; it’s easy to see how native Americans got the name for this full moon. February’s full moon is sometimes called fullhunger moon because when the snow was high, it was very hard to hunt and find food.

#FullMoonEngageMe Social Media Event N°10 Schedule

The event will start on Tuesday the 3rd of February 2015 at 19:00 UTC and will last until Monday the 9th in HERE.

What is this about?

A great opportunity for you to super charge your social networking, to meet Empire Avenue Leaders, to connect with top social media engagers and more

What about the previous events?

May 2014 initial SoMe event was followed by the strawberry, the buck, the sturgeon, the harvest, the hunter, the beaver, the cold and the wolf full moons. In the Empire AvenueEAv Gangstas community, you can still access all…

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Share Price Calculation Changes

Originally posted on Empire Avenue:

Tonight we will be pushing live some changes to the Empire Avenue Share Price calculation. Most people should see no changes overnight. Essentially, for almost all people, social media will no longer affect the share price on a daily basis. The selling and buying of your Shares will drive your share price up, or down.

We’ve created a FAQ on questions you may have about the Empire Avenue Share Price. Please read it carefully.

Question: What is the Empire Avenue Share Price?

The Empire Avenue Share Price is the price of a single “Share” for your Social Media Profile on the Empire Avenue Market. Like the real-world Stock Market, your price is speculative and based on how many people value your Social Media profile. Every time someone buys a single share in you, your share price increases by a small amount. Every time someone sells a single share in you…

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Empire Avenue Strikes Back #EmpireAve

Originally posted on Empire Avenue:

Statement from founder and director of Empire Avenue Inc.  Duleepa Wijayawardhana

Congratulations to the Empire Avenue Community!

The Dev Team has asked for me to put a post on behalf of the organization:

We’ve hit 800 in those who have upgraded to become Leaders .

Volunteers and Moderators are here to help make Empire Avenue fun. Admins and Moderators chat regularly with the Dev and Support team at Empire Avenue and continue to share what is practical, what is possible.

We sincerely, Board Directors and all, thank you, the entire community for being positive and helping move Empire Avenue forward through your activity, comments and support for new players. We also acknowledge the invaluable work that our Admins and Moderators and particularly our hard working Team Leaders group have done and will continue to do voluntarily! Thanks to the voluntary organizational work of our Admins and Moderators we have…

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The Hunter’s Moon #FullMoonEngageMe Social Media Event N°6 #EmpireAvenue #SocialNetworking

Originally posted on DES Daughter Network:

The Hunter’s Moon

This Tuesday 7th of October : join our free social media event taking place at each Full Moon – via #EAv – and give a boost to your social networking!

There are native American names for the full moons that you can find here, here or here.

October month full moon was named Hunter’s Moon because after the fields have been reaped, the leaves begin to fall and the deer are fat and ready for eating. Hunters can ride easily over the fields’ stubble, and the fox and other animals are more easily spotted. October’s full moon is also known as the Travel Moon, the Dying Moon, the Moon of Falling Leaves and/or the Blood Moon or Sanguine Moon because of its bright color.

#FullMoonEngageMe Social Media Event N°6 Schedule

The event will start on Tuesday 7th of October at 18:00 UTC and will…

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