Join Empire Avenue Leaders NOW , the best is yet to come

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In March 2014 Empire Avenue started The Empire Avenue Leaders program to enable members to take full advantage of everything the site has to offer , supercharge their online networking and to have a voice in the development and progress of the site.

This week the initiative celebrated its first birthday and Empire Avenue management signalled the start of celebrations with this announcement

Happy birthday leaders! It’s been a full year since we launched the Empire Avenue Leaders program. You ALL stepped up to support EA… some by volunteering your time and talents and every single one of you by paying to join the Leaders. Everyone at Empire Avenue is pleased and amazed by your outpouring of support for the game.

Time to celebrate!

The Empire Avenue Leaders group now has over 890 members all of whom made one payment of $100 to join and enjoy the benefits .


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Empire Avenue Photography Contest – April 2015 #EAvPhoto #EmpireAvenue

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Each month we will be having a Themed Photography Contest. This month will be an “Open Theme”

So you have a free choice of subject matter , up to 3 photos may be posted .


There will be two prizes.

Peoples Choice Award and Judges Choice Award.

Judges Choice Award…5 million eaves and a 2 million eaves Invest In Me Mission
Peoples Choice Award will be 3 million eaves.

The Peoples choice winner will be by popular vote, The Judges Choice Award will be given to the one member.


Two rules: must be your original work and no nudes.

Empire Avenue Community

The EAv Photography Contest Community is here
You are welcome to join and ask questions , make suggestions and obtain help and advice.

Submitting Entries

The Contest starts on April 1, 2015 at 00:01am ET and ends on April 30, 2015 at 11:59pm ET


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Celebrating the 12th Full Moon Social Media Event with Pie, Contests, and Moon Pie #FullMoonEngageMe

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Pink sky and full moon image

The Full Pink Moon

This April full Moon heralded the appearance of the moss pink, or wild ground phlox (one of the first spring flowers). It is also known as the Sprouting Grass Moon, the Seed Moon, the Egg Moon, and the Fish Moon since it is also the time of year when fish would swim upstream to spawn. Historically, Native Americans living in what is now the northern and eastern United States kept track of the seasons by giving a distinctive name to each full Moon. With some variations, the same Moon names were used throughout the Algonquian tribes from New England to Lake Superior.

#FullMoonEngageMe Social Media Event N°12 Schedule

The event will start on Wednesday the 1st of April 2015 at +/- 07:00 UTC and will last until Tuesday the 7th at +/- 24:00 in HERE.

What is this about?

A great opportunity for…

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How to create a more enjoyable Empire Avenue for Newstarters?

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As I wrote in my article Supporting Newstarters on Empire Avenue #EAv , I started a new account (e)EAVDAILYTIPS as a Newbie, to see how its to be nowadays!

Based on this experience, I write this article because I really think that there are needed some changes on the Avenue to create a more enjoyable place for newstarters and to keep growing the social media network ‘Empire Avenue’ .  Nowadays the amount of active newstarters accounts are decreasing every day, unfortunatly!

mobileworldAs you saw in my earlier article We are Living in a mobile world! Is that True for Empire Avenue?  I concluded that Empire Avenue is not ready yet and am sure, it will be a “Show Stopper” for many people who joined the Avenue recently!!

Besides that, there are more things, thats why I  write this article!

How is it with the newstarters on the Avenue nowadays ?

Looking deeper into…

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EA in a Nutshell!

OK I guess I am nutty enough to be perfectly equipped to give the nutshell overview of Empire Avenue.

The quick overview of EA is that it is a site that is based on evaluating & supporting your social media activity. The currency is eaves. You get eaves by doing missions (SM activity) for others. You get eaves when folks buy your stock. You can purchase eaves also, but most eaves are generated by investing…that is purchasing the stock of folks with strong social media networks. Although my shares are expensive (1436.72 per share), I generate about 2 eaves for every share that you own. A Newbies shares are cheap (less than l00 per share) largely because the social media activity only generates 0.10 or 0.20 eave per share.

You can use eaves to purchase stocks that may generate more eaves for you. I got around 27 Million eaves yesterday. You can also use eaves to fund missions where you get folks to support your social media causes.

Hope this helps you understand a bit. Read the help files, the Wiki site, watch the videos, or join some of the communities for additional help.

Empire Avenue Missions – Why Do Them?

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So… Why Do Empire Avenue Missions anyway?

My purpose for doing missions is to promote my blog. Everything I do is to promote my blog, and to increase SEO to get more people to my blog from search engines and from social media sites.

So I create missions on Empire Avenue to do that. I would like to have comment on my blog posts but I do not expect it from my Empire Avenue Missions. What I am really looking for is to get shares on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, google+, etc.

In Empire Avenue you are not allowed to require any type of engagement. So I hope for the social media shares. Sometimes ….   Read the complete Article

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Your invitation…from Empire Avenue

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Empire Avenue  Leader Badge sybmol will be on your profile when you buy Empire Avenue
Leader Badge symbol will be on your profile when you buy.

 Invest in yourself today *

EA Leaders Ultimate Upgrade (Ending Soon)

last chance

($1500 value for $100.00 USD)

Interested in taking your Empire Avenue game to the next level?

If so, joining Empire Avenue Leaders might be for you!

With the Empire Avenue Leaders Upgrade,

you will be able to get more Eaves,

expand your portfolio faster,

run more missions with more visibility!

All for $1500 in value!

But you better act fast,

this upgrade will be disappearing on APRIL 10th, 2015.

When you purchase the upgrade, you’ll receive and invitation  to an Exclusive Community where members will earn double Dividends on Social Stocks from each other and receive extra Eaves whenever members complete each others’ missions Empire Avenue Leaders Badge on your Profile and elsewhere! All Pie Upgrades to date. 500 Extra Even More Desserts…

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Empire Avenue Newbie Advice (The Fifth Hour)

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OK, so here you are, in the Fifth Hour on the Avenue.  And it is time to talk about ‘missions’.  What are they, what do you do with them, and why are they important?

Let’s start with what missions are …

  • … a way to interact with other players on the avenue
  • … a way to earn money, well eaves
  • … a way to interact with other players on the avenue

Yes, I wrote the interact point twice and on purpose.  Remember, in the Third Hour, we talked about your EAV plan and how you get others to work with and for you.  Well, missions are just the right vehicle for that.

The basic workings of a mission are as follows:
Person A puts up money (eaves) for Person B (and others) to perform a certain task. Person B (and others) perform that task and are rewarded with the…

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